We Cater to All of Your Events

Wedding Reception

Family Reunion

Sporting Event


Tailgate Party

Pig Roast

Baby Shower

Food Truck

Birthday Party

Class Reunion


Fish Fries

Corporate Event

School Event

Pool Party


Six months advanced notice for weddings.

Three months advanced notice

for all other events.

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Eat time





Services package:

Rate is based off the number of guests, number of meats, and sides selected.

Our catering services are buffet setting.

Drop off service includes:

Food, labor, and delivery fee.

Partial service includes:

Food, labor, travel, on-site grilling, serving, & set-up/tear-down.

Full service includes:

Food, beverages, condiments, disposable cutlery, labor, travel, serving, on-site grilling, & set-up/tear-down. 

All events require a minimum security deposit to secure the date.

-Six months to a year advanced notice for weddings.

-Three months advanced notice for all other events.

-Advance notice required for individual orders for drop-off service.